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Power of Using Media Advertising

Let our team help you stand out. We take it from writing and producing effective radio ads to creating an emotion-fueled television spot with a call to action. We can help your company produce results.

Our creative team designs logos, print layouts, along with helping you with all your print materials. The project whether big or small, we can help you create your identity and place in the market.

What is Promotions?

Promotions describes promotional methods using special short-term techniques to persuade members of a target market to respond or undertake certain activity.

Sales promotions are often confused with advertising. For instance, a television advertisement mentioning a contest awarding winners with a free trip to a Caribbean island may give the contest the appearance of advertising. While the delivery of the marketer’s message through television media is certainly labeled as advertising, what is contained in the message, namely the contest, is considered a sales promotion.

The factors that distinguish between the two promotional approaches are:

  • whether the promotion involves a short-term value proposition (e.g., the contest is only offered for a limited period of time), and
  • the customer must perform some activity in order to be eligible to receive the value proposition (e.g., customer must enter contest). The inclusion of a timing constraint and an activity requirement are hallmarks of sales promotion.

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